Patient Testimonial

Reeva Catha

Just for HealthSouth

I sat and I pondered on just the right words to say,

Words to bless this wonderful facility in a loving and special way;

So please listen to the words that I say lovingly out of my mouth;

Thank you, thank you, thank you outstanding employees of HealthSouth!


From the minute you walk in the door,

And look at each compassionate face,

You can’t help but really feel there’s a sweet spirit in this place.


And there’s something else you can smell and see

The minute you walk in this door;

This place is so fresh and is so spic and span,

You can see your reflection on the floor.


From the friendly people at the desk,

To the dedicated, smiling administrators and case managers too;

They make you feel so very comfortable as they discuss your individualized plans with you.


Then they listen to your goals,

And the things you would like to be able to do,

And if you come in sad and despondent,

Their conversation will comfort and encourage you.


Then you meet the doctors, nurses and technicians,

You can feel their sincerity;

To have doctors, nurses and technicians who really care,

That means the world to me.


They treat you like a family member;

Their desire is to meet your need.

They work diligently planting in the healthcare vineyard,

Fertilizing the get-well sprouting seed.


Now it’s time for the therapists and well trained assistants,

You can feel their loving emotions.

Their prayer is for you to talk, think, be strong and move safely,

And they attack each skill with such devotion.


They meet the many, many needs of the patients,

With so many versatile ways;

They possess so much compassion and love,

And they encourage you with their praise.


HealthSouth, you’re such a special place,

Great accomplishments happen here.

Anybody who needs rehabilitation,

Coming here will eradicate any fear.


So let me conclude this poem by saying,

HealthSouth I do indeed love you much!

You bless thousands of people, who pass this way,

Because you, effectively, reach out and touch.


I love you, I love you, I love you HealthSouth

In every single way.

To be blessed is my prayer for you, HealthSouth,

Each God sent blessed day!!


Reeva A. Catha



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Thank you, thank you, thank you outstanding employees of HealthSouth!
Reeva Catha

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