Patient Testimonial

Casey Hill

Casey Hill

HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital - North in Memphis, Tennessee has had a lasting impact on Casey Hill and much of his family.

His mother Joy Hill, 85, had outpatient therapy there in 2010 after a mild stroke and rotator cuff injury; his aunt Jean Chisolm, 93, had stays in the hospital in 2015 and 2016 for a hip fracture, and their cousin Margaret London, who Casey brought all the way from Miami, also was admitted to HealthSouth North Memphis in 2015 and 2017 after a hip fracture.

Casey, too, has spent a fair share of his time in the hospital the last few years. While his family was being treated at HealthSouth North Memphis, he was being recruited. For almost three years, Casey has been a marketing liaison at the hospital.

“The reason I’m here is because we brought Margaret up here to HealthSouth,” he said. “They started talking to me and asking what I did, and if I wanted to interview.”

He’s worked in healthcare for about 20 years, and the opportunity seemed the perfect fit. He knows what it’s like to have family in the hospital, and his family knows what it’s like to be a patient there. That’s what motivates them all to continue coming back.

Though Joy and Jean live independently, they frequently visit patients, along with Casey, on weekends.

“We just tell them to be patient and try to be positive about whatever they do,” Jean said. “They’re going to get better.”

“When patients see a 93 year old walking – she doesn’t even use a cane – it changes their attitude,” Casey added.

Nearing her 98th birthday, Margaret hasn’t visited the hospital since her last stay, but thanks to the care she received at HealthSouth North Memphis, she is walking some. Living in an assisted living home, she’s also returned to some of her favorite activities, such as art and music. “She’s come a long ways,” said Casey of Margaret, whom he considers an aunt.

And she has a ways to go. Her goal: Margaret plans to return to her avocado and banana orchards in Miami to celebrate her 100th birthday.

Becoming a Patient

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